Turandot on Sydney Harbour

I was, once again, asked to be involved in an opera stage play.

After Miss Fortune at Bregenzer Festspiele and The Bonesetter’s Daughter at San Fransisco Opera it was now Puccini’s Turandot at Handa Opera Sydney on the other side of the globe – another inspiring interpretation by internationally renowned Chinese director, Chen Shi-Zeng.

I created the video design on a stunning open air stage in front of the mesmerising skyline of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge and set the scene with a tangible visual journey through the old western China in combination with high contrast and abstract imagery that form a bridge between Chinese and Western artistic approaches.

Client: Chen Shi-Zheng
Video Design: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Motion Graphics & Video Production: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH