TUI Cruises - Staged Holograms 2.0

In 2016, we made a dream for us come true – creating staged holograms from A to Z and completely from scratch. We developed 5 ground breaking 3D hologram shows, each 30-40 minutes long, for the newest one of the TUI cruise liners.

Starting with the show concept, shooting it in a studio, post-producing it, setting up 3D sceneries and animations and thus creating full-on holographic images has been a very exciting challenge and turned out to be the perfect synergy of tech-driven project and ambitious creative exploration.

Our goal was to craft a truly enchanting experience, where the talent and character of each artist would be perfectly portrayed. In the end, it was simply amazing to see the holograms come to life for the very first time, featuring shows by stars like Jan Vogler, Flying Steps, Ute Lemper and Didi Hallervorden.

Seeing how our creative vision, light and sound effects came together and created a perfect, dazzling illusion made us incredibly proud.
Here, we’ve actually created something that people continue to talk about … and even ask us if it’s all real. But see for yourself!

Creative Direction: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Video Concept / Video Design / Show Concept / Video Production / Stage: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH