Solomun +1 Tour Design

Leigh Sachwitz took on the artistic direction for a Solomun + 1 America Tour with an innovative Laser Projection Combination.

She used invisible gauzes as projection surfaces for content as well as laser. A time coded laser show seems to draw the projected visuals on the surfaces creating a magical show. Together with a unique light concept adapted to the specifications of every location she created a show that lasts up to 12 hours.

The concept premiered December 2017 in New York City where Solomun+1 played in the Depot 52 Warehouse, a 60 meter long and 9 meters high former submarine manufacturing plant.

After a successful night in the United States it travelled to Mexico and set a new era for Stage Design at the tropical location ZAMNA in the middle of the jungle in Tulum.

Studio Leigh Sachwitz is proud to share this exciting Stage, Space and Content Design with you and is excited for the next places it will go!

Client: Dynamic Music / Solomun
Artistic Direction: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Concept / Light Design / Video Design Live Regie / VJ Library: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH