Photography Playground 2013

Studio Leigh Sachwitz, following the concept by lead agency vitamin-e, curated an exciting 360° campaign incorporating the Olympus OM-D camera into an interactive arts exhibition.

Twelve international artists (among others Zimoun, United Visual Artists, Julian Charrière, Shan Blume, Jeongmoon Choi, Starstyling, Martin Butler, Sven Meyer & Kim Pörksen, Tim John, Numen/For Use.) together with an arts collective from Berlin Art School worked on the idea of “space”. They designed and produced site specific installations, with only one having ever been seen previously.

Media and approach ranged from light and laser installations, performance pieces and sculptural objects. The idea was of illusion and scenery and visitors were invited to experience every installation through the lens of the OM-D camera.

Due to the overwhelming success of this exhibition – with more than 30.000 visitors at the original Photography Playground 2013 in Berlin – the concept was furthermore taken to Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Amsterdam.

Client: OLYMPUS Europe
Lead Agency: vitamin e – gesellschaft für kommunikation mbH
Curation: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Production: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH