Paul Kalkbrenner Back To The Future Tour

For international renowned electronic music artist Paul Kalkbrenner Leigh Sachwitz was responsible for the artistic direction of the complete visual show identity of his „Back to the future“ tour.

Inspired by the story of Paul’s DJ set – a time travel back to the early 90s – she combined flashbacks into the past, like RGB bit graphics, monochromatic lighting and projected environments, with contemporary and innovative event technology, like a brand new light installation called „The Tunnel“ that lit up the stage with both simple lighting spots or RGB bit graphics on a 25 x 25 pixel grid.

In the end Leigh Sachwitz created a concept that took people „back to the future“ and showed them how it felt to be part of the birth hour of Techno.

Client: Paul Kalkbrenner / The Principal GmbH
Artistic Direction: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Concept / Technical Planing / Visual Installation / Light Design / Event Design / Event CI / Merchandise Design: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH