Inside Out

INSIDEOUT is a 360° multimedia installation.

The house is our sanctuary, a safe haven to hide from nature’s forces.
Leigh Sachwitz invites you to experience the rain drumming hard on the roof, watching through the window seeing dark clouds stacking up in the night sky. As the protecting walls disappear into the moonlight and the thunderstorm reaches its climax we feel naked – but purified by the light.

The sound design was created by the award-winning composer, musician and producer Andi Toma, who is one of the founding members of the breakthrough electronic music collaboration Mouse on Mars.

The piece has been received with open arms throughout the international press.

Insideout showed during Triennale der Photographie as part of “Olympus Photography Playground”. It has also been shown in Munich, in Vienna (as part of the Vienna Design Week in 2015) and in Paris (at the Palais de Tokyo).


Art Installation & Creative Direction: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Video Design & Production: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH