Floating Sounds

Floating Sounds an interactive audiovisual installation. By way of a projection onto multiple semi-transparent projection surfaces, Floating Sounds transforms into an experience that the visitor can enter and explore. The installation is inspired by sampling, the coupling of pictures and sound, and draws on the rich history of electronic music. The playful approach of the installation demonstrates the logic and development process of electronic music to the visitor.

Sounds and visuals generated by the installation come from interaction with the visitor. Visitors to the exhibit create an individual composition by use of a punch card (known for being used as one of the first mediums of data storage). The act of stamping and marking the punch card represents the analogue approach of the artist.

The visual language of the installation corresponds to the same guiding theme – an analogue, haptic imagery inspired by the painters of the early 20th century such as Oskar Fischinger and Wassily Kandinsky, who even then were already discovering the relationships between the worlds of sound and imagery.

Each visual element of the installation corresponds directly to a musical instrument or rhythm. Triggered by the individually designed patterns of the punch cards, these sounds and images are drawn together in the room to produce an individual, poetic experience. An experience of floating sounds in the dark.

Floating Sounds was developed in close collaboration with the musical artist YAWK.


Concept & Curation: Studio Leigh Sachwitz
Creative Production & Motion Design: Studio for Design. flora&faunavisions GmbH